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Kinds of organised trips 

Different  kinds of trips are within reach of budget travellers: 

Day Trips,  Cruises Boats on GPsTours with nights nights spent aboard in luxury and economic yachts

  • Luxury and economic hotels
  • 3/4 stars hotels and Bed and breakfasts.
  • Hire cars etc.

Most of the Galapagos archipelago is accesible to visitors only by  guided. Some of the cheapest are offered by Travel Time in Quito and Guayaquil. Many travellers also opt to visit the Amazon on our organised tours, as these are efficient  and educational. If staying with indegenous communities is your bag, contact an indigenous guide who can explain the customs and culture and act as the translator. Travel Time Travel Agency is based in Quito is a a good utfit for any kind of tour in the Ecuador.

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